The Hawthorne Effect

“When I was an undergraduate, I read about The Hawthorne Effect when taking an Introductory Psychology course. Now that I am developing my gift and incentive business, I have been thinking about why employers in the work setting might give a gift to their employees and what academic study I can cite .  Although there were several subsidiary elements that were mentioned about this psychological study which can attract the reader’s attention, in my opinion, the key point of the study is that the attention shown to people in the study played the most significance in their productivity, not the effect of raising or lowering the intensity of the light.

You are a team leader, whether you have a team of one or one hundred.  You depend on your team and your team depends on you. Your team makes you look good. You want to show your appreciation.  Appreciation is the glue that holds a team together. You don’t know what they like or might want. We have done the shopping for you.  We have gift collections that you can give and the recipient can choose their own perfect gift.

One way to show employees or others that they are appreciated is to give them a gift card. Our gift cards are not like what can be found at check out line in stores since up to 40 products are tied to each card that the recipient can choose from. Consequently, the recipient of your card will think about your appreciation: (1) when they receive the card, ( 2) when they order their gift, and (3) when their gift arrives.

I have developed a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that describes in detail how this can easily work for you.  Please give me a call to set up a mutually convenient appointment for you seeing this presentation.”   —  John C. Marshall

Here is a citation about the Hawthorne Effect that was written and published on The Economist website:

Freedom To Fail, Feedom To Fly!

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What I like is trying new things. Another way of saying that I like the pursuit of life-long learning. I have a new iPhone 7 Plus and I intend to use it to promote my business. I am learning how to use it every day and I shall be posting selfie photos with people who I meet along the way. So, this is how I shall document my journey. In the process, my business will take flight, I hope! Now, I need to post some photos. I know that I have a few photos when I was trying out my new selfie stick at Walmart. The sales lady was helpful and nice. Some are candid shots that I did not know I was taking. I look serious when I should have been saying, “cheese “.  So, look for my candid camera posts along the way.